American Comeback - Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett
Posted 2014-06-25

Check out this great message from Governor Tom Corbett on moving Pennsylvania forward 

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May Jobs Report: Unemployment Hits Five-Year Low
Posted 2014-06-23

Pennsylvania’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate continues to fall, and reached 5.6% this May. Down 1% from April, this month boasts the lowest rate since September of 2008.

The state’s rate is lower than the national average unemployment which still stands at 6.3%.

The state’s civilian labor force – the number of peop...

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Corbett cut no education funding despite Dems' claim
Posted 2014-06-16

By Brandon Posner

What if I told you that, under Gov. Corbett, Pennsylvania is spending more today on public education than at any other time in the commonwealth’s history? When I first heard this fact, I had the same sense of disbelief that you probably have right now. After all, in the vicious primary that decided who the Democratic nomine...

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Happy Memorial Day
Posted 2014-05-25


            As we celebrate this holiday with our families and friends, let us remember the reason for this day.  Today is a time to say thanks to all the men and women of our Armed Forces and their families who have made the ultimate sacrifice for us and our country so that we may enjoy the many freedom...

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Election Results
Posted 2014-05-19

View the Results here...

Thank You!

With your support, all 15 Recommended State Commitee Candidates were elected!

With the Primary behind us, we are ready and focused on re-electing the Governor, Lt. Governor, Congressman Fitzpatrick, and our entire Harrisburg delegation

You can view the full election results here.

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Gov. Thornburgh Statement PA Unemployment
Posted 2014-04-18

HARRISBURG, PA – Former United States Attorney General and Pennsylvania Governor Dick Thornburgh today released the following statement regarding the latest unemployment report showing that Pennsylvania’s jobless rate continues to improve under Governor Tom Corbett’s leadership. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Lab...

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Senate rejects Obama nominee who helped fight death penalty for Abu-Jamal
Posted 2014-03-07

WASHINGTON - Mumia Abu-Jamal, a name that for more than three decades has stirred emotional divisions in Philadelphia and across oceans, was at the center of a stunning defeat for President Obama on Wednesday as the Senate blocked a presidential nominee who had worked on the convicted cop killer's death penalty appeal.

By a 52-47 vote, Republi...

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Cawley talks liquor, fracking, saving Pa. military bases
Posted 2014-03-04

HARRISBURG — Lt. Gov. Jim Cawley has a busy agenda to tackle this year, from renewing talks to privatize the state’s Prohibition-Era liquor system, to squashing claims that Marcellus Shale drillers aren’t the responsible job creators his administration claims they are.

With the gubernatorial election approaching, he’ll also...

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Toomey and Williams: The Justice Nominee and The Cop Killer
Posted 2014-02-27


In the coming weeks, the Senate will consider the nomination of Debo Adegbile to be assistant attorney general for the Justice Department's civil-rights division. There are those who object to the nominee on various grounds, and others who defend him. We raise concerns here about only one issue: Mr. Ade...

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Corbett Ad: PA Is Open For Business
Posted 2014-02-24

The Corbett campaign released it's second ad of the 2014 cycle this week, be sure to check it out here 

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Corbett-Cawley Team Release First 2014 Ad
Posted 2014-02-19

ICYMI: Be sure to watch and share Governor Tom Corbett's first ad of the 2014 cycle!

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The ad, entitled "Everywhere" lists a number of the promises our Governor has kept in his first four years as Governor of our Commonwealth.

You can view the ad here.

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Corbett Budget Speaks to PA Future
Posted 2014-02-11

The main message in the state budget I presented last week is that Pennsylvania has turned a corner 



Gov. Corbett: My budget speaks to Pa.'s future 

By: Gov Tom Corbett

The main message in the state budget I presented last week is that Pennsylvania has turned a corner in its journey to prosperity and is now ready to hit...

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Corbett unveils state energy plan
Posted 2014-01-27

Corbett unveils state energy plan for Pennsylvania 

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Gov. Tom Corbett unveiled a resources guidebook Tuesday that markets Pennsylvania's business and energy sectors and its government programs, and billed it as a way to lure business people and investors to the state.

Flanked by two-year students studying diesel engine tech...

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Posted 2013-12-24




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Corbett-Cawley Administration Improving PA Tax Climate
Posted 2013-12-18

HARRISBURG, PA – Corbett-Cawley Campaign Manager Mike Barley released the following statement following the Council on State Taxation’s (COST) release of a 2013 study proclaiming Pennsylvania as it’s “Most Improved” state:

“This report further acknowledges that Governor Corbett’s ‘More Jobs, Les...

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Republicans Sweep Bucks County Row Offices
Posted 2013-11-06

DOYLESTOWN – It was a good night for Republican incumbents at the county level.  In the hotly contested race for Bucks County Prothonotary, Republican Patricia Bachtle, who overcame a hotly contested Primary fight, won re-election Tuesday night turning back a challenge by Democrat and Upper Makefield attorney Ronald Jay Smolow.


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Our Republican Candidates
Posted 2013-10-15

Our Bucks County Team

David W. Heckler

 Edward "Duke" Donnelly  Patricia L. Bachtle  Joseph Szafran  Raymond F. McHugh

District Attorney

Sheriff Prothonotary Recorder of Deeds Controller


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Fitzpatrick Delivers Weekly Republican Address
Posted 2013-09-01

You can watch the full address here, or read the text below:


Remarks by Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (R-PA)
Weekly Republican Address
Philadelphia, PA
August 31, 2013

Hello, I’m Mike Fitzpatrick, proudly serving Pennsylvania’s eighth congressional district.

It’s an honor to speak with you this weekend as we celebrate the spirit a...

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Inquirer: Fitzpatrick Looking Out for Older Borrowers
Posted 2013-08-08

Washington legislators don't seem to agree on much anymore, but they recently found common cause in a bill that stands to benefit consumers. The House and Senate voted overwhelmingly for legislation to tighten controls on reverse mortgages, which homeowners over 62 can use to supplement their retirement incomes.

The legislation would help ensure t...

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Cawley kicks off push to preserve Pa. military industry
Posted 2013-08-07

NEW CUMBERLAND — The next time the Pentagon prepares to shutter a slew of bases, Lt. Gov. Jim Cawley wants to ensure Pennsylvania is ready to defend its military installations.

On Tuesday, Cawley toured the Defense Logistics Agency’s Distribution Center Susquehanna in New Cumberland, the largest such facility in the U.S. Department of ...

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Fitzpatrick Reverse Mortgage Bill Headed to Obama’s Desk
Posted 2013-08-01

Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick (R-Bucks) scored a legislative victory yesterday as the Senate unanimously passed by voice vote H.R. 2167 Reverse Mortgage Stabilization Act of 2013.

The bill, of which Fitzpatrick is the primary Republican sponsor, was introduced by Rep. Denny Heck (D-WA) and passed the House last month by a unanimous voice vote as we...

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Former Governor William Scranton Dies at 96
Posted 2013-07-29

On behalf of the Bucks County Republican Committee, we would like to thank Governor Scranton for his years of dedicated public service and extend our condolences to his family in this difficult time. 

Governor Scranton's leadership on a range of important issues, including education, has truly left a lasting mark on the Commonwealth.

Former Go...

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BCTARS: Outstanding TAR Club in Nation
Posted 2013-07-22

This week at the annual Teenage Republican National Conference, the Bucks County Teenage Republicans were recognized as the Outstanding TAR Club in the Nation.

Also honored was president of our TARS, Brandon Posner - Brandon was named best individual TAR in the nation!!

This is an unbelievable accomplishment to win both major awards. As many of y...

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Gov. Corbett Visits Bucks to Sign O'Neill Education Bill
Posted 2013-06-17

Gov. Tom Corbett has signed a bill into law that forms a committee designed to ensure that school districts get equitable funding for special education in Pennsylvania.

Act 3, formerly known as House Bill 2, creates a 15-member legislative commission to develop a funding system for special education that is based on the number of district students...

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Up to 75% Could Be Hit by Obamacare Tax
Posted 2013-05-28

The so-called "Cadillac Tax" facing employers who offer premium healthcare plans to their workers already is affecting employees, even though it doesn't kick in until 2018.

Employers say they have to get started bringing down costs now, The New York Times reports, so employees who are used to $20 co-pays at the doctor's office and $500 deductibles...

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PA Recognized for Biz Development
Posted 2013-03-12

Tom Corbett finished third in the race for the “Governor’s Cup.” Pennsylvania finished behind only Texas and Ohio for its number of business development projects in 2012.

Pa. had 430 projects last year, behind 491 for Ohio and 761 for Texas. In the window of time from 2010 to 2012, the ranking is the same. Texas had 1,649 project...

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Best PA Party Chair's
Posted 2013-02-07

Pennsylvania’s Best County Party Chairs

The role of a county party chair is complex and often thankless. He or she must be an organizer, diplomat, activist, spokesperson, recruiter, fundraiser, and executive.

Many of the 134 Democratic and Republican chairs around Pa. excel, but a few stand out a...

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Sen. Toomey Heralds EPA Decision To Eliminate Unfunded Mandate
Posted 2013-01-08

Washington, DC - Senator Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) today heralded a decision by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to permit water authorities to send consumer confidence reports electronically, thereby eliminating an unnecessary government paperwork mandate, saving local communities across Pennsylvania millions of dollars .

Click Here to Read Mor...

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Fitzpatrick Recommits to Reforming Government
Posted 2013-01-03
WASHINGTON, DC - Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick (PA-08) reintroduced a package of reform bills this afternoon as the 113th Congress was gaveled into session.
"Today marks the beginning of a new Congress, but my fight to reform the federal government to more effectively serve the people continues in earnest," said Fitzpatrick. "I look forw...
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State House & Senate Announce Committee Chairs for 2013/2014
Posted 2012-12-20

Congratulations to all of our Bucks County State Representatives and Senators who were named Committee Chairs for 2013/2014!! They are listed Below:

State House:

Children & Youth: Rep. Kathy Watson, 144th Legislative District

Education:  Rep. Paul Clymer, 145th Legislative District

Human Services: Rep. Gene DiGirolamo, 18th Legislati...

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nsurance News Net: Sen. Toomey Introduces Bill to Help Ensure Fiscal Solvency of FHA Mortgage Insurance Programs
Posted 2012-12-17

WASHINGTON, Dec. 15 – Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pa., has introduced legislation (S. 3678) to “help ensure the fiscal solvency of the FHA mortgage insurance programs of the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.” Click Here to Read More

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Fitzpatrick: Obama's 'Ideology' Hurting Negotiations
Posted 2012-12-12

Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick accused the president of playing politics with the nation’s economic problems Tuesday, claiming that his “hard-line stance” to raise tax rates on the wealthy is an “ideological position that has taken priority over the practical need to generate more revenue.” Click Here to Read More

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Fitzpatrick's no easy out in the 8th
Posted 2012-11-08

Unless Democrats can create a perfect storm — and we’re not talking Superstorm Sandy — defeating Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick doesn’t figure to be any more achievable two years from now.

Fitzpatrick, the 8th District Republican, won a third term Tuesday, defeating Democrat Kathy Boockvar by 13 percentage points and nearly 4...

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Frozen crowd heats up for Romney
Posted 2012-11-05

A crowd that officials estimated was more than 20,000 braved the Bucks County cold Sunday night in hopes that Mitt Romney could loosen Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes that have been frozen in the grasp of Democrats since 1988.

Romney took turns highlighting his plans for job creation and bipartisanship while bashing President Barack Obama ...

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Can hope 'n change win Bucks County again?
Posted 2012-10-24

Four years ago, Barack Obama won Bucks County by 8 points. Can he win again, or are we Mitt Romney country?

Crystal ball gazing is perilous, but examining trends between '08 and '10, and having talked with Democrats who watch this stuff closely, the trends do not bode well for President Obama. Click Here to Read More

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Susquehanna Poll: Casey 46, Smith 44
Posted 2012-10-10

The latest survey from Susquehanna Polling and Research shows the smallest margin yet of the race for U.S. Senate in Pa. Republican Tom Smith trails Sen. Bob Casey by just 2 points, 46 percent to 44, and the race is within the poll’s margin of error.

Click Here to Read More

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Local GOP: Romney won debate
Posted 2012-10-04

If it was up to the crowd at Bucks County Republican Committee headquarters, Wednesday night’s winner of the first presidential debate was ... drum roll please ... Mitt Romney.

While the rest of the nation will be polled endlessly in the coming days as the nation digests what it saw in the 90-minute domestic policy debate, local Republicans ...

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Smith waits for GOP cavalry to arrive as U.S. Senate race tightens
Posted 2012-10-02

HARRISBURG — The Republicans need to capture only four seats to yank the U.S. Senate from Democratic control — and Pennsylvania could be one of them.

Now that the Pennsylvania U.S. Senate race is on the national radar, the question is whether the Republican cavalry will support Tom Smith’s upstart campaign. 

Click Here to R...

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Obama critics roused by incompetence, not race!!
Posted 2012-09-17

Upon my return to Bucks County from a tremendously successful Republican National Convention, I read with absolute dismay the article quoting County Commissioner Diane Marseglia as saying that President Obama’s opponents are, among other things, racist, angry, mean and stupid. Click Here to Read More

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Voter ID law complicates absentee ballots
Posted 2012-09-11

Pennsylvania’s recently enacted voter ID requirement is complicating the absentee ballot process for hundreds of voters in Bucks. Click Here to Read More

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Auto bailout stirs debate at dealership
Posted 2012-09-11

When Bill Pytleski asked Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick whether he would have supported the auto bailout, Fred Beans was only a few seats away. Beans, who has built an empire of car dealerships in Bucks and Montgomery counties, was devastated by the bailout, according to his daughter Beth Gilbert. Click Here to Read More

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Donald Petrille Recognized By Registers of Wills and Clerks of Orphans’ Court
Posted 2012-09-06

Bucks County’s Register of Wills, Donald Petrille, Jr., has been appointed to the Legislative Committee of the Registers of Wills and Clerks of Orphans’ Court Association of Pennsylvania for 2012-2013. Comprised of various members from Pennsylvania’s 67 counties, the association promotes greater efficiency in the administration of...

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Local GOP Hopes Convention Sings Their Tune
Posted 2012-08-26

A huge fan of Bruce Springsteen, Rob Loughery recalls his favorite musician calling both the 2004 and 2008 presidential elections the most important of his lifetime.

Loughery, who’s been to about 10 Springsteen concerts and met the Boss after one of them in the Dean Dome in N.C., loves the music but disagrees with the political statement. Cl...

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Paul Ryan to Campaign in Pennsylvania This Week
Posted 2012-08-20

In his second week on the national Republican ticket, vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan will visit both ends of Pennsylvania on Tuesday, including a rally in the Philadelphia suburbs crucial to Mitt Romney‘s chances of winning statewide.

Ryan’s stop in West Chester follows a whirlwind week in battleground states introducing himself...

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Voter ID Law Stands
Posted 2012-08-15

Pennsylvania’s most controversial law of the year is still planned to go into effect, after a ruling by Commonwealth Court Judge Robert Simpson.

Simpson decided this morning and issued a 70-page opinion denying the plaintiffs an injunction to stop the law. Click Here to Read More

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Your 2012 GOP Ticket: Romney and Ryan
Posted 2012-08-13

Mitt Romney has officially announced that Rep. Paul Ryan will be his running mate. This won't be the first pairing of the two politicos. They've already spent some time together on the campaign trail this year in support of Romney's presidential run.

Click Here to See More

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Super Saturday In The Keystone State!
Posted 2012-08-10

This weekend’s Super Saturday was a spectacular success for Team Pennsylvania, as hundreds of volunteers gathered in Victory Centers across the Commonwealth to help turn Pennsylvania red for Mitt Romney and the Republican team.  In Doylestown, Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick helped lead the charge, energizing the crowd to work toward victory this ...

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The Hill: Election Up For Grabs With 100 Days To Go
Posted 2012-07-30

With 100 days until the 2012 election, President Obama has a tenuous lead, but the struggling economy hurts his bid for a second term.

Obama leads Mitt Romney by a narrow margin in most national polls, and has a slightly wider lead in most swing states, giving Romney little room for error. But while Obama continues to lead Romney in personal likab...

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Unemployment Rises in Six of 10 Battleground States
Posted 2012-07-23

Unemployment rose in June in six of 10 battleground states that could play a pivotal role in the presidential election, reflecting job cuts in some cases and weak payroll growth in others.

The jobless rate climbed a 10th of a percentage point last month in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Iowa, New Hampshire and Virginia, the Labor Department sai...

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In Pa., Farmer Smith Digs In Against Casey
Posted 2012-07-20

SHELOCTA, Pa. -- Tom Smith was mowing wheat on his 400-acre Armstrong County farm last summer when he decided he would run for U.S. Senate.

Smith was born and raised on this stretch of land an hour's drive outside Pittsburgh where coal mines neighbor corn farms, and he remembers wondering that day how the national debt would impact his grandchild...

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Romney Sees Opportunity in Pennsylvania
Posted 2012-07-17

GREENSBURG, Pa. -- When Mitt Romney campaigns at a rally in conservative, blue-collar Westmoreland County on Tuesday, Republican activist Mary Jo Silvis says she wants to see a more "expressive" side of the GOP nominee. Click Here to Read More

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Twitter Could Swing Presidential Vote In Pennsylvania
Posted 2012-07-09

Can Twitter matter?

The Republican and Democratic parties think so. In this tight presidential race, a national battle is on. And the ammo includes thousands of tweets, 140-character messages shot off to hundreds of thousands of followers, a blizzard of news, talking points, zingers, datelines and instructions to the faithful. Click Here to Read M...

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Romney Says He’ll Win Pennsylvania in November
Posted 2012-07-05

CORNWALL, Pa. — Finishing the second day of his bus tour in the battleground state of Pennsylvania, an impassioned Mitt Romney declared that he would carry the Keystone State this fall. Click Here to Read More

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House Passes Fitzpatrick Bill to Aid Ambulance Workers
Posted 2012-06-28

A federal bill inspired by the death of a Bucks County rescue squad member was approved by the House on Wednesday.

The legislation spearheaded by Bucks Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick provides death benefits to the families of nonprofit ambulance rescue squad members who die in the line duty. Click Here to Read More

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Q poll: Prez Race Closer In PA; Obama Visiting Western PA
Posted 2012-06-27

The presidential race in Pa has tightened slightly, with Barack Obama clinging to a 6-point lead over Mitt Romney in the latest Q poll, so it's no wonder the president will be traveling this way next week. Click Here to Read More

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Fawkes Built Legacy of Success as GOP Chair
Posted 2012-06-25

To understand the power Harry Fawkes wielded as chair of the Bucks County Republican Committee, go back to 2004 when Jim Greenwood retired from Congress. Click Here to Read More

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Poprik to Lead Bucks GOP
Posted 2012-06-18

Bucks County Republicans gave Harry Fawkes an emotional sendoff Saturday and selected a new chair for the first time in four decades with the unanimous election of Pat Poprik.

Poprik, who has been a state committeewoman for the county since 1984, had been vice chair for four years until Saturday’s GOP committee reorganization meeting in Doyl...

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Senators Offer Alternative To PA House Liquor Bill
Posted 2012-06-13

HARRISBURG - The ranking Republican in the state Senate is backing a plan to expand the sale of liquor and wine in Pennsylvania, the bill's sponsor said Tuesday, while a bill to privatize the industry remained stalled in the House. Click Here to Read More

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Romney Eyes Pennsylvania Despite Big Obama '08 Win
Posted 2012-06-06

(AP) — Candi Ludwig is the face of Mitt Romney's hopes in Pennsylvania, a state Republicans would love to take away from President Barack Obama this fall. Click Here to Read More

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Senate Candidate Tom Smith Pounces On Jobs Report
Posted 2012-06-04

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Tom Smith used Friday's dismal jobs report to blame his opponent, incumbent Democrat Bob Casey, for the economy's tortoiselike turn around.

Smith, who has been slow to get the general election started after winning the GOP primary in late April, leapt at the opportunity to tie Casey to Barack Obama and the both o...

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On Jobs, Obama is Running from Reality
Posted 2012-06-01

Today’s extremely troubling jobs report is yet another sad reminder that President Obama’s policies simply are not working—and that we need a president who understands the economy. Click Here to Read More

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Penn. to Obama: 'Back off!'
Posted 2012-06-01

Mike Krancer, Pennsylvania's Secretary of Environmental Protection, suggested that President Obama's environmental regulators need to "back off" and let his office handle oil and natural gas regulations. Click Here to Read More

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Romney With Commanding Lead Over Obama Among Veterans
Posted 2012-05-28

Mitt Romney has a commanding lead over President Obama among U.S. military veterans, according to a new poll released on Memorial Day.

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee led the incumbent president 58-34 percent among U.S. veterans polled by Gallup over the past two months. The polling firm noted in its latest report that veterans, wh...

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Once Again, Toomey Budget Fails (But Outperforms All Others)
Posted 2012-05-17

For the second year in row, a budget proposal drafted by Sen. Pat Toomey, was shut down by the Senate. The proposal, which was designed to balance the federal budget within the next eight years through a combination of tax reforms and spending cuts, was voted down along party lines, 42 for 57 against. Click Here to Read More

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Poll: PA Voters Disapprove Obama Housing & Mortgage Handling
Posted 2012-05-17

President Obama has housing issues, according to a poll released by the progressive group Campaign for a Fair Settlement. 48 percent disapprove of his handling of the housing and mortgage crisis while 38 percent approve. Click Here

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The Big Fail: Not A “Net Spending Cut”
Posted 2012-05-17
Election Will Be All About Economy, House speaker Says
Posted 2012-05-12
Christie, Toomey Among Favorites To Run On Romney Ticket
Posted 2012-05-04

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - As always, there’s a guessing game on vice presidential nominees, but this year our region is right in the middle of that game.

The field is wide open and this week Chris Christie once again suggested he might be willing to accept Mitt Romney’s nod for VP, if Romney offers it of course.

There are three other regio...

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Romney & Santorum to Meet in Pittsburgh Friday
Posted 2012-05-03
Obama Campaign Defends Bin Laden Ad, As Romney Adviser Slams 'Divisive' Video
Posted 2012-05-01
The Romney Opportunity
Posted 2012-04-26
Senator Toomey Co-sponsors Bill to Curb Government Conference Spending
Posted 2012-04-24
Montco, Bucks GOP Making Some Inroads In Closing Registration Gap
Posted 2012-04-20
You Think There Isn't any Voter Fraud??
Posted 2012-04-11

US Attorney General Eric Holder's Ballot to Vote Offered to Total Stranger!!

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Bucks County Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick A Yes Vote On House Budget Proposal
Posted 2012-04-03
The Sad Reality of Flexible Obama
Posted 2012-03-27
Steve Welch - Simple
Posted 2012-03-27
Toobin: “Train Wreck for the Obama Administration” Today On Individual Mandate
Posted 2012-03-27
Sen. Toomey Commends Bipartisan Passage Of JOBS Act In Senate Today
Posted 2012-03-22
Election 2012: Deadline To Register To Vote Is A Week Away
Posted 2012-03-20
Obama’s New Debt Record: Why We Can’t Afford a Second Term
Posted 2012-03-19
Corbett Signs Voter ID Bill
Posted 2012-03-15
Fitzpatrick Votes to Restore Opportunity for Small Business
Posted 2012-03-08
Posted 2012-03-02

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) announced today that his staff will hold a casework day in Bucks County from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. March 8.


During the casework event at the office of state Representative Marguerite C. Quinn, Sen. Toomey’s staff will be available to help constituents who are having problems with federal a...

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Steve Welch Calls for “Common Sense” Energy Policy
Posted 2012-03-01
100 Fundraisers Later, What Did Obama Forget?
Posted 2012-03-01
Keep an Eye on Toomey
Posted 2012-02-22
Pennsylvania In Play for Presidential Primary
Posted 2012-02-21
PA GOP Chairman Gleason Statement On Anniversary Of Obama-Casey Stimulus Bill
Posted 2012-02-17
Bucks Republicans Endorse Candidates
Posted 2012-02-13
Mike Fitzpatrick - Protecting Pennsylvania Jobs
Posted 2012-02-09
Rocky Terrain: Obama's Electoral College Map Grows Steeper
Posted 2012-02-03
Familiar Rhetoric, Failed Record
Posted 2012-02-02
PA Republicans Endorse Welch to Challenge Casey
Posted 2012-01-29
Students Learn About Fitzpatrick
Posted 2012-01-17
New Bucks County Commissioners' Chairman, Robert Loughery, Brings A
Posted 2012-01-12
Commissioner Rob Loughery To Head County Government
Posted 2012-01-05
Romney Declared Winner In Iowa
Posted 2012-01-04
GOP: Dems' Pledge 'hypocrisy'
Posted 2011-9-25
Chief of Staff Spotlight: Patrick Lyden
Posted 2011-9-19
Mary Smithson Honored by Pennsylvania State Association of Prothonotaries and Clerks of Courts
Posted 2011-9-18
Fitzpatrick Bill Would Ensure Military Pay
Posted 2011-9-13
Democrats Short On Real Issues
Posted 2011-9-1
Bucks Democrats Still Under Investigation For Voter Fraud
Posted 2011-8-8
Sen. Toomey Commends Administration's Proposal To Eliminate Deadlines For Street Sign Mandate
Posted 2011-8-30
Cawley Comes Home To Survey Damage
Posted 2011-8-30
Voters Give Corbett Positive Job Approval Rating
Posted 2011-8-3
More Pennsylvanians Disapprove Of Obama
Posted 2011-8-2
The Pulse: Philadelphia's Suburbs Are Critical To Republicans
Posted 2011-8-19
Obama's Weekly Job Approval at 40%, Lowest of Administration
Posted 2011-8-17
Thumbs Up, Fitzpatrick, Christie
Posted 2011-8-15
Sen. Toomey Appointed to "Super Committee"
Posted 2011-8-11
Toomey's Clout Emerges In Debt Talks
Posted 2011-8-1
With GOP Senate Support, U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey Revamps His Plan For Budget If Debt Talks Fail
Posted 2011-7-8
With GOP Senate Support, U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey Revamps His Plan For Budget If Debt Talks Fail
Posted 2011-7-8
Mr. President, We Are Waiting for an Answer
Posted 2011-7-26
Meet Charley Martin and Rob Loughery
Posted 2011-7-20
Pennsylvania's Sen. Pat Toomey is a leader on the debt question
Posted 2011-7-18
Pennsylvania's Sen. Pat Toomey is a leader on the debt question
Posted 2011-7-18
Cawley Breaks The Mold
Posted 2011-7-18
Congressman Fitzpatrick To Vote In Favor Of BULB Act, Shares Thoughts On Debt Ceiling Debate
Posted 2011-7-12
Help Wanted
Posted 2011-6-9
Budget Passes House, On Its Way To Governor
Posted 2011-6-30
Corbett May Get Most Budget Items On His Wish List
Posted 2011-6-26
Why Obama Is Likely to Lose in 2012
Posted 2011-6-22
CNN: Americans Oppose Obamacare by 17 Points
Posted 2011-6-13
Toomey Set To Announce His Own Budget
Posted 2011-5-5
Navy Roommates Shared Their Lives, Now Lie Together At Arlington
Posted 2011-5-30
The 2012 Electoral Math Looks Good for the GOP
Posted 2011-5-3
Szafran Appointment Confirmed By Pennsylvania Senate
Posted 2011-5-24
Senator Toomey Rejects President Obama’s Call For Return To 1967 Borders
Posted 2011-5-20
McMaster Claims Seat On County Bench
Posted 2011-5-18
Martin, Loughery Easy Winners In GOP Tussle For Commissioner
Posted 2011-5-18
GOP Candidates Lay Out Ambitious Plan
Posted 2011-5-10
Statement from Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick on Osama bin Laden
Posted 2011-5-1
Ending America as We Know It
Posted 2011-4-9
PA GOP: Pennsylvania GOP Ready To Fight President Obama As He Seeks Second Term
Posted 2011-4-6
GOP Senators All Back Toomey Balanced-Budget Bill
Posted 2011-4-3
Corbett Signs First Bill Into Law
Posted 2011-4-26
Toomey Weighs In On Federal Budget
Posted 2011-4-18
Poll: Obama in Trouble in PA
Posted 2011-4-13
Fitzpatrick Plan Would Aid Veteran Businesses
Posted 2011-4-11
The GOP's Winning Streak
Posted 2011-4-10
Corbett To Present His 1st State Budget
Posted 2011-3-8
Toomey: Mandates, Regulations Thwart Job Creation in Pennsylvania
Posted 2011-3-7
Toomey Promotes Balanced Budget Amendment
Posted 2011-3-4
Casey Could Be GOP Target Next Year
Posted 2011-3-29
Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick: Focus Is On Bringing Jobs Back
Posted 2011-3-26
Obamacare: One Year of Broken Promises
Posted 2011-3-21
Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick Joins House Republican Policy Committee
Posted 2011-3-19
Pennsylvania Celebrates 330th Birthday
Posted 2011-3-13
Pat Toomey: Congress Must Lead On Debt
Posted 2011-3-1
State GOP Tries To Thwart Health Law
Posted 2011-2-8
Fitzpatrick To Create Panel On Job Creation
Posted 2011-2-7
New Commissioner Pledges To "Lead Boldly"
Posted 2011-2-4
Republicans Win Round One of Budget Fight
Posted 2011-2-28
Obama’s Leadership Ratings Fall To A New Low
Posted 2011-2-24
Fitzpatrick Listens To Public's Suggestions
Posted 2011-2-24
Corbett May Drastically Change Pennsylvania
Posted 2011-2-22
Lt. Gov. Cawley Visits Carbon County Business To Promote PA Job Creation
Posted 2011-2-21
Harry Fawkes Named One Of Pennsylvania's Best...
Posted 2011-2-16

Pennsylvania’s Best County Chairs

These are the 14 men and women who make Pennsylvania politics happen at the most important level.

There are a wide variety of skill sets represented by the men and women below. They are fundraisers, activist leaders, candidate recruiters, strong managers, local politicos, and statewide powers. The best of th...

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Toomey Disappointed With Obama’s Budget Proposal
Posted 2011-2-15
PA GOP Endorses Candidates for Pennsylvania’s Superior and Commonwealth Court
Posted 2011-2-13
Republicans Promise $100 Billion In Spending Cuts
Posted 2011-2-10
Fitzpatrick Backs Florida Health Care Ruling
Posted 2011-2-1
New Pa. Congressional Districts Finalized
Posted 2011-12-20
Bucks Teens Host GOP Senate Forum
Posted 2011-12-15
Breaking A Sweat May Save Bucks Some Bucks
Posted 2011-12-12
Charley Martin & Rob Loughery Win Big
Posted 2011-11-9
Martin & Loughery Have Huge Victory!!
Posted 2011-11-9
Decide For Yourself...
Posted 2011-11-6
During every single campaign, charges are lobbied back and forth about the accuracy of their opponents "facts".  Recently, the Intelligencer charged that the statements in the literature about Detlev Ansinn selling Neshaminy Manor Nursing Home are "blatantly false allegations." 
At an open candidate's forum, ...
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Poll: Obama Continues to Lag in PA
Posted 2011-11-30
Fitzpatrick: Start Afghanistan Troop Drawdown Now
Posted 2011-11-16
GOP Keeps Hold In Bucks as Martin, Loughery Win Commissioner Posts
Posted 2011-11-10
PA Bill PA Republicans Push Solyndra Story
Posted 2011-10-7
Twisting The Truth: Loughery Was Producing Jobs Long Before He Was Elected
Posted 2011-10-26
No Disaster In Bucks County's Financial Future
Posted 2011-10-23
Obama's Pennsylvania Problem
Posted 2011-10-16
The 10 Key Bellwether House Races
Posted 2011-10-13
Toomey Hopes Super Committee Will Reform Tax Code
Posted 2011-10-1
Fitzpatrick Back In Washington
Posted 2011-1-6
Young Adults Should Heed Political Alarms
Posted 2011-1-5
Fitzpatrick: This congressman's For You
Posted 2011-1-4
GOP may impact 2012 elections
Posted 2011-1-3
PA GOP: PA Democrats Pick Politics Over Reform
Posted 2011-1-28
Judges Name Loughery Commissioner
Posted 2011-1-26
PA GOP: Obama-Casey Honeymoon Is Over - U.S. House Of Representatives Vote To Repeal ObamaCare
Posted 2011-1-20
Fitzpatrick's Take On Health Care Reform
Posted 2011-1-20
How to Freeze the Debt Ceiling Without Risking Default
Posted 2011-1-19
Cawley Urges Bold Action To Solve State's Problems
Posted 2011-1-19
James Cawley Set To Take Oath As Lieutenant Governor In Pennsylvania
Posted 2011-1-18
Fitzpatrick Makes Case To Repeal Health Law
Posted 2011-1-11
Corbett, Cawley Inaugural Events Announced
Posted 2010-12-7
Bush job approval rating higher than Obama's
Posted 2010-12-7
Lawmakers Refusing Pay Hikes
Posted 2010-12-6
Tax Deal Within Reach
Posted 2010-12-6
Fitzpatrick Named to House Financial Services Committee
Posted 2010-12-21
New Population Count May Complicate Obama 2012 Bid
Posted 2010-12-20
GOP Is In Driver's Seat For Redistricting
Posted 2010-12-13
Gov.-elect meets with transition team
Posted 2010-12-1
Corbett Wins!!
Posted 2010-11-4
Boehner to Host Ideas Summit for Incoming GOP Governors
Posted 2010-11-30
Tax fight pits Bush vs. Obama
Posted 2010-11-30
Fitzpatrick Triumphs In 8th
Posted 2010-11-3
Governor-Elect Tom Corbett
Posted 2010-11-10
Posted 2010-11-09
Murphys Campaign Coordinates Voter Fraud
Posted 2010-10-27
Jim Cawley Talks About Government Spending
Posted 2010-10-07