Message from HQ

Republican Supporters,

First, let us start by saying THANK YOU! Your support and hard work over the last 11 months has left Bucks County with a lot to be Proud of today!! Tuesday wasn’t exactly what we were hoping for in several respects....but it also wasn’t without many bright spots.  The really big one was that we won Mike Fitzpatrick for Congress by about 38,000 votes, his largest margin to date.  Several other shining moments were when we won Bernie O’Neill by around 6,000; Marguerite Quinn won by about 8,100 and Paul Clymer won by around 8,900.

We, in the Bucks GOP, can be very proud of all that we accomplished in this election cycle.  First, we knocked on more doors than any other county in the state and in some cases, in the Nation.  We reached out to more voters than ever before and they know that their Republican party is alive and well.  Our real challenge going forward is to increase the number of Republicans so that in national races we will have a bigger base from which to draw our voters.    We hosted the largest Republican Rally in the history of the state and for the entire Romney campaign.  This did not happen without considerable help from all of you.  We did all that was asked of us ....and more!

We can begin today to strengthen our party, build on our many local successes and start back on the road to our races next year.  We are a strong, winning county and we will get back up, dust ourselves off and start all over again.   Let’s take a little breather, re-group and get ready for the next one.

We look forward to seeing and working with all of you in the future!


Pat Poprik & Joe Cullen